Difference Between Comprehensive & Collision Coverage

Difference Between Comprehensive & Collision There are two kinds of coverages that cover Physical Damage. Those two are Collision and Comprehensive. There are some differences between the two. Difference Between Comprehensive & Collision –Collision   This one pays for the damage caused to your car when you have an accident with another vehicle, an object,… Continue reading Difference Between Comprehensive & Collision Coverage

Windshield Repair Replacement Guide

Windshield Repair Replacement Guide What To Do Next? If you have ever lived in an area prone to spring thunderstorms, you have probably encountered a broken windshield or two due to hail.  However, broken windshields can be caused by anything at any time. And usually at the worst possible time. Ever been driving down the… Continue reading Windshield Repair Replacement Guide

Auto Repair Guide

Auto Repair Guide-How To Help The Insurance Claims Process Go Smoother When it comes to auto repairs during the claim process, it is good to know what to expect.  While insurance carriers may vary in their process and procedures, there is a standard workflow. Here are a few things you can expect once the repair… Continue reading Auto Repair Guide