Auto Insurance Rates In Salida, Colorado [Cheap Rates in 2021]

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Auto Insurance Rates In Salida, Colorado


“How age and gender affect your Insurance rates”

Age and gender makes a huge difference in rating the cost and premiums for your car insurance. The simple fact is that if you are a female at the age of 25 you are going to drive safer than a male at the age of 25. And that’s exactly what insurance carriers see when running consumers driving history reports. The simple fact is that female drivers are going to save more money than male drivers. See the chart below to note differences in rates in Salida, Colorado.

16-18$ 231.84$ 184.09
19-24$ 193.20$ 161.00
25-30$ 139.84$ 124.84
31-40$ 110.40$ 106.08
41-50$ 109.48$ 98.44
50-65$ 99.36$ 101.48
65+$ 106.08$ 114.08

“We save our client in Salida an average of $598.55” 

In Salida, Colorado there’s so much that you could save. Most folks just call in and ask for a quote. They don’t take the time to talk with our agents in Salida to ask them how they can save on their auto insurance. Consumers can just simply ask how can they save on their car insurance and use that money for something else. The bottom line is we all want to save money wherever we can. See the data below to see how much you can save in Salida, Colorado and what you can do with all those extra dollars.

New Customers in Salida, Colorado Save on Average$598.55
Number of Candy bars you could buy435
Months of Netflix you could afford with your savings
Number of Peanuts you could buy107568

“Liability and full coverage rates in Salida” 

When should you purchase full coverage and how do you know if you just need liability only? The answers to these questions depend on a few different variables. If you own the vehicle outright chances are you might just need the state minimum liability required in Salida, Colorado. If you are making payments on a vehicle you will need full coverage including comprehensive and collision coverage. Some insurance carriers do allow you to carry comprehensive coverage without collision. Ask your agent for multiple quotes to compare your options.

Average Annual Insurance Rates in Salida
Liability Insurance rates in SalidaLiability State Average
Full Coverage Insurance in SalidaFull Coverage CO average

Cheapest full coverage rates in Salida

Auto insurance is a must have. Your rates may not always be what you what to pay, but it is worth it. When leasing or paying on your vehicle, full coverage is also a must have. It can come to your rescue at time. We made a list of insurance carriers and what their rates look like for full coverage in Salida, CO.

RankCompanyAverage price
2Bristol West$125.00
4The General$141.00
6Liberty Mutual$188.00
7Dairyland (Viking)$208.00
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