12 Proven Ways To Improve Organic Click Through Rate

Click Through Rate
12 Proven Ways To Improve Organic Click Through Rate

Click Through Rate

These 12 tips are extremely effective and have helped us improve our own website traffic. Keep reading if you want to learn and understand how to get more eyes on your page by improving your click through rate!

1. Understanding Click Through Rate

A high click through rate is a good indication that users find your ads and listings helpful and relevant. click through rate also contributes to your keyword’s expected click through rate, which is a component of Ad Rank


The struggle is real! You have a spectacular business, a beautiful web page…but no one is visiting your website! Chances are, you need to improve the click through rate [CTR] for your website.

What is Click Through Rate?

In a nutshell, it is the percentage of searchers that click on a search engine result, or the average clicks a pIn a nutshell, it is the percentage of searchers that click on a search engine result, or the average clicks a page gets when displayed in search results. The higher the click rate that your site has, the more traffic you will get. CTR is an important part of search engine optimization (SEO).

Why Does Click Through Rate Matter?

Improving CTR is essential to get your site on the front page of Google. We don’t have access to Google’s magic formula for ranking success (no one but Google does)…but even they have made statements to suggest that they use CTR in their algorithm.

Something to Remember

Ways to improve click through rate are constantly evolving and changing. The best way to continue to improve is to keep up to date with the information out there and just try everything you can. Don’t be afraid of trial and error!

2. Organic Click Through Rate

What is Organic Click Through Rate?

Organic Click Through Rate refers to the way a website naturally appears in a search result. It’s everything that’s below those pesky paid for ads.

Why Go Organic?

First of all, it’s FREE! Paying for ads gets expensive fast.

More importantly it is better for your website in the long run. By going organic and not appearing as a paid for ad, it suggests that you and your business are leaders or experts in your niche…inviting more people to click on your page.

Paying for an ad and appearing on the first page is instantly gratifying but in the long run going organic will benefit you much more.

Improve Click Through Rate


Improve Click Through Rate

3. Tracking & Measuring Organic Click Through Rate

How else will you know what’s working and what’s not working? Seeing the data out there helps you measure the effectiveness of different elements such as meta-data, and how well keywords are performing. Which you will learn more about in the upcoming tips.

Use Google Analytics, which is free to use. It allows you to to track link clicks on your site and how often links are being clicked. Google Analytics breaks down different categories and provides detailed information within each one.

There are multiple tools that help people dive even deeper into the world of statistical analysis.  If you are curious what’s out there, this page, proved to be a great resource for some suggestions on what products are effective with testing and data collection.

When it comes to tracking and measuring it’s not something you can just do once. It is a trial and error process. Make sure that when you do start tracking that you make a note of initial data.

4. Be All About The Meta Data!

Meta Data plays a huge part when it comes to improving your click through rate.

What is Meta Data?

Meta data is a set of data that describes and gives information about other data. For example meta data for a document would include the author, date the document was created, file size, and keywords to describe the document. It’s the same with webpages, meta data gives a searcher information about the data on your page before they click on it.

How can using meta data boost organic click through rate?

By spending time focusing on meta data and using it to its full potential you can greatly increase the click through rate for your page. The next several tips on this page are all about improving your meta data.

5. Improve Meta Title
[also known as Title Tag]

Meta title is what appears at the top of a browser as well in search engine results, like google, and defines the title of the page. It’s the first line of the search result for a particular result.

How you word the title greatly impacts your CTR. By having a descriptive and unique meta title more people are likely to click on your page. If it doesn’t automatically make them click on the page the second thing you want to do is entice them to read the meta description (which is the next topic we’ll discuss). An important thing to remember is to be careful because you don’t want your title longer then 60 characters.

Using adjectives and numbers is shown to improve your CTR. Be as descriptive as you can with your title. 

Ways To Improve Click Through Rate
2023 12 Proven Ways To Improve Organic Click Through Rate

— When a headline starts with a number or appears to be in a list format, the reader will not feel like they might be overwhelmed with too much information. Or…that the information will be organized and to the point. According to some sources, the number 7 generates higher CTR.

Also try adding brackets. Brackets are shown to increase organic click through rate by up to 30%!

Click Through Rate
2023 12 Proven Ways To Improve Organic Click Through Rate

— Use the brackets to give more information about the information covered on the page.

Which are you more likely to click on?

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** Another thing to note about meta titles is this… if you are wanting to add your name or company name to the title it is suggested you do it at the end. Studies have shown that it comes across to the searcher better when at the end. **

6. Create Effective Meta Descriptions

The Meta Description is another important part of improving your organic click through rate. It gives people a good idea of what’s on the page and allows you to elaborate more then the title. It also allows you to really sell your site and your business. Make sure you continue to use descriptive words but also be aware of the length. Meta descriptions need to be between 150-160 characters.

When you are thinking about how to craft your meta description a good way to look at is like an elevator pitch. You only have a short period of time to get someone interested before they get to their floor.

If your title doesn’t sell someone everytime the description is your second way to get them to still click on your site. So it is very worth your while to have descriptive and informative meta descriptions.

Click Through Rate

7. Optimizing Keywords


We can’t tell you enough how important it is to be descriptive. While being descriptive in your title and description are important you also want to make sure you fully optimize them by including your keyword(s) in them. The best way to find keywords is using a tool like Ubersuggest. In Ubersuggest it also gives you the SEO difficulty of a particular keyword. The higher the number is in that column the more competitive it will be. By choosing less competitive keywords you’ll improve your click through rate faster and improve your ranking with google.

8. Snippets

What are snippets?

A snippet is how your page appears in a search engine results. To keep it simple we’ll stick with google. The snippet is made up of your meta title, url, and meta description. 

There are several ways to check and see what your snippet will look like, this is one.

What are rich snippets?

Rich snippets take it even further to include more information. They have extra features such as images, rating starts, review scores, product prices, etc. In order to implement rich snippets you’ll need to know about structured data.

What is structured data?

Structured data is what allows search engines to understand the content of your page and its relevancy. It is data that is formatted in such a way that search engines can easily read it.

Implementing structured data isn’t the easiest way to improve your CTR but it is worth it. It can improve your click through rate by 30% on average. It does however take some coding knowledge. There are loads of places that have the code available for free and there are even plugins available that you can add to certain content management systems such as wordpress.



Organic Click Through Rate
Regular Snippet Includes: URL, Title, Meta Description

Rich Snippet

Click Through Rate
Rich snippet Includes: URL,title, meta description, rating stars, reviews, additional data-how long recipe takes to prepare, nutritional info

9. Enticing With Short URLs

URLs are also important when it comes to improving organic click through rate. Both Google and users prefer shorter urls. Make sure that your URL specifies the topic of the page and make sure to keep it under 74 characters.

10. Use Images & Videos

Images and videos are another great way to improve organic click through rate because it’s another place you can add meta data (in the form of alt text) that will help boost your overall ranking with search engines.

One reason images especially can help improve organic click through rate is because people want everything fast. If you have an image that accurately represents your page then a person doesn’t even have to read the description to know that your page probably has what they are looking for.

The brain responds faster to visual information then it does written information. Plus an image is another form of persuasion.

First make sure the image or video is relevant to your page. Second make sure that the alt text you add is a word or phrase that is found near the image/video on your page. Below we have shown an example on how to do this on wordpress.

Click Through Rate

Pay attention to that portion on the right when adding an image, it is going to ask you to include:

  • image alt text -provides way for google to identify image and how it is relevant to your site’s content.
  • image title-Provide additional information about image
  • image caption-describe the illustration in printed text and it’s your chance to credit the source or owner.

11. Page Speed

Page speed is a huge part of SEO, which makes it another good way to improve your organic click through rate. It is a direct ranking factor when it comes to your page.

A great way to track and measure your page speed is by using PageSpeed Insight. It’s a free tool.

You want to pay attention to both mobile and desktop speeds depending on your business. Important things to pay attention to are largest contentful paint and page layout shift.

Organic Click Through Rate
2023 12 Proven Ways To Improve Organic Click Through Rate

12. Keep The Page Updated and Relevant

A great way to improve your organic click through rate is to make sure you are keeping the page updated and relevant. So much information can change on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis depending on the niche you page falls into.

Google also pays attention to how often you are updating your page. You don’t want to be making unnecessary or useless updates to the page either. You always want to keep your content relevant to what the page is about.

The more you update and add content to your page, the more potential you have to use your keyword.

By updating your page often, it also allows your page to be reindexed. There’s a GoogleBot that scours the internet looking for new and updated pages to add fresh content to the index. Index simply means that the above mentioned GoogleBot has seen your page and it’s not apart of the many possibilities for a search result.

An easy way to check and see if a page has been indexed is to simply go to Google and in the search bar enter site: (copy and paste URL you wish to check)

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