Travel Trailer Coverage in Colorado

What Is My Neighbor Paying for Their 2004 Thor Wanderer Wagon Travel Trailer?

Safe Driver 242, Male, Married, Florissant, CO)
Year/Make Model: 2004 Thor Wanderer Wagon 27ft
Ownership Status: Owner
Discounts: Paperless, Bundled with Auto, Homeowner, Advanced Quote, Paid in Full, Responsible Driver
Travel Trailer Insurance
2004 Thor Wanderer Wagon
Selected Coverages With Progressive
Comprehensive: $1,000
Collision: $1,000
Emergency Expense: $750

Vacation Liability: $10,000

Personal Effects:

Roadside Assistance: Selected

Customer is bundling his travel trailer with his Progressive auto policy. Bundling is a great way to save money on your car insurance.

Please note that this is only meant as an example and prices may vary depending on several factors.

Total 12 Month Premium: $319

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