Dairyland Sample Rate Broad form

Liability Only: Broad Form Insurance in Colorado with Dairyland

(Female, Single, 20’s, Aurora, CO)
Year/Make Model: No Vehicle Owned
Suspended License Status
Insurance Types
Broad Form Liability Only
Selected Coverages with Dairyland
Bodily Injury Liability: 25/50
Property Damage Liability: 25K

Uninsured Motorist Coverage: Rejected
Comprehensive and Collision: REJECTED
Other Rejected Coverages: RENTAL, TOWING

What’s the difference between broad form and non owners insurance?Broadform insurance and non-owner insurance are both types of auto insurance coverage designed for people who do not own a car. Broadform insurance provides liability coverage for drivers who occasionally drive a car that they do not own, such as a rental car or a friend’s car. On the other hand, non-owner insurance is a type of coverage specifically for individuals who do not own a car but drive one regularly. Non-owner insurance provides liability coverage in the event of an accident while driving someone else’s car. Both types of coverage help protect individuals from financial responsibility for damages or injuries they may cause while driving a car they do not own. However, it’s important to note that neither broadform nor non-owner insurance covers damages to the car being driven.

Total 6 Month Premium PAY IN FULL: $1400

Monthly Installments: $230

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