Colorado Renters Insurance

What Is My Neighbor Paying for Their Renters Insurance?

Safe Driver 252, Male, Single, Sterling, Colorado)
Policy Type: HO4 Renters
Type of Home: Apartment
Discounts: Paperless, multi-policy
Co Renters Insurance Progressive
Renters Insurance
Selected Coverages With Progressive/ASI
Personal Property: 15,000
Personal Liability: $100,000

Loss of Use: $6,000

Medical Payments to Others: $1,000

All Perils Deductible: $500

Customer bundled his auto and home together to get extra savings. Bundling is one of the best ways to save money on insurance. When it comes renters insurance your property manager may offer that it be included on your rent however, it doesn’t have the added discount to help you save on your auto insurance.

Please note that this is only meant as an example and prices may vary depending on several factors.

Total 12 Month Premium: $151.19

Monthly Installments: $12.59

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