2016 Subaru Legacy W/Eyesight Insurance

what does my neighbor pay for his 2016 Subaru Legacy W/Eyesight?

Safe Driver 226, Male, Single, Colorado Springs, CO
Year/Make Model: 2016 Subaru Legacy W/Eyesight
Ownership Status: 3 Years or More
Discounts: Paid in Full, Paperless, Homeowner, Smart Technology, Continuous Insurance- Gold
Selected Coverages With Progressive
Bodily Injury Liability: $25,000 / $50,000
Property Damage Liability: $25,000
Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury: No Coverage
Comprehensive: No Coverage
Collision: No Coverage
Other Rejected Coverages: Medical Payments, Uninsured Motorist, Comprehensive, Collision, Rental Reimbursement & Roadside Assistance

Total 6 Month Premium: $388.50

Monthly Installments: Paid in Full

This is a state minimum liability quote for Colorado, with property damage increased to $25,000 instead of $15,000. In this sample quote, the client has multiple great discounts in which lower the total premium cost for the 6 month period. This client also paid their premium in full which helped to lower the overall cost as well.

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