Insurance Agent- Integrity, Integrity, Integrity!

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Many people think insurance is complicated and they do not have the qualifications to become an agent. The truth is you don’t need a specific background in insurance or sales! Becoming an agent is a great opportunity for those that like to be hands on, those who love making a difference, and to help people protect who and what matters the most to them. This career path is fulfilling and rewarding and not just all about selling insurance as a whole, but about people, and making communities safer, and more secure.

Insurance is not your regular “9 to 5” job either, agents make themselves available day or night to serve their customers. Effective agents seek out not the convenience of themselves but the customers. Being available could mean using a call center for after hours calls or text message communication, or using social media outlets for communication. Simply returning phone calls can go a long way for the customer. Another common misconception is that insurance is limited to life or car insurance. There are many other choices in this day and age to choose from like renters, home, business liability and more!

It is important as a agent to make yourself available on different platforms. Not every customer out there prefers to deal with quotes and purchasing online. No matter how digital and high tech this world becomes there will always be customers who prefer an actual voice on the phone to hear their insurance choices. Some good habits to adopt as an agent might be to have a good routine in place for yourself, plan out the week, make a good schedule, get projects done, etc. surround yourself with others who will drive you to succeed and work ahead to reach your career goals.

A good agent strives to genuinely help their customers. Rather than going for the hard sell, really try to help discern the customers needs. Customers can smell genuine attitudes! You can’t fake a desire to help others, when you have it, a world of opportunities can open up. Because of the growing pressure to drive revenue and close deals, agents understand that their success is built upon a good quality product and a excellent reputation. Customers can smell genuine attitudes! You can’t fake a desire to help others, when you have it, a world of opportunities can open up.