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I Know,”Free” Right?…
Free Seo Help|Learnandserve
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What’s the catch?

Here is the deal. I really do enjoy helping other small businesses. I am retired from the day to day operations of our company, but don’t have the “retirement” sort of personality.

Many people are called to do many different things. I am called to help small business owners provide for their family and the families of those that work for/with them.
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The most I will ever ask from you… if my answers or advice have been of use and had value to you…is to tell others about us by linking to our site!

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What exactly is Free?

Contact us now for up to 1 hour of questions answered by me, Shawn Christie, or my Marketing staff.

A Plus Insurance

A Little About Me

I am a small business owner (A Plus Insurance) since 1999. For the last 12 years my primary function for A Plus Insurance has been that of an online marketer. I focus on organic (none paid) listings.

I have made my share of mistakes but have generally had a reasonable degree of success.

There are many people looking to get a piece of your advertising budget. Many with very good intentions and some… not so much. I might be able to help you navigate through some of that and to find many many opportunities that only cost time.

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