Driver Challenges

Seeing blue lights in your rear view mirror is never a good feeling. But the good news is tickets do not hurt your driving record forever. I know this to be case personally with my long list of tickets. Years ago, it started out not so bad just a couple one point tickets. Then I got two tickets about 5 minutes apart. Those required actually going to court and fighting to get the fines and points lowered.

Wait There Is More!

My next adventure came in West Virginia where the speed limit is enforced by the Air Force. Going 20 over the speed limit in this state is considered reckless driving. It was suggested to hire a lawyer to get this ticket which is considered a felony off of my record. Unfortunately it is very hard to get a good insurance rate when you have less than a perfect record. You don’t necessarily have to wait 3+ years for these blemishes to come off your record. There are surprisingly more effective ways to do this.

  • First, contest some tickets you have that are possibly questionable. The NMA (National Motorists Association) says that one out of 20 drivers contests a ticket. That is remarkably low considering contesting a ticket can pay off especially if you have a not so stellar driving record. Even if you are guilty of the ticket, there’s a chance you could receive leniency from the judge seeing the case.
  • Second, resolve the little infractions such as, a broken taillight, broken brake light, Wrong address on drivers license, and expired insurance cards. Proving these have been rectified could keep the ticket off your record completely.
  • Third, driver safety courses go a long way in lowering penalty points or fines. Keep in mind, these courses do not erases violations like DUIs.
  • The fourth tip is to ask for the violation to be expunged from your driving record. This can be very helpful when getting a car insurance quote because some companies look a 4 to 5 years back into your driving record.

So in a nutshell, points on your record can have a influence on your insurance rates, they foretell what kind of driver you will be or how much risk you pose to the company. Keeping your record clean can for sure give you the cheapest car insurance premium.

Having the right insurance agent helps! Good agents spend their time to getting to know you and asking the right questions. They do not just sell you on any program. The right agent for you will as good questions to know what insurance program that works for you the best and at the same time save the most money.

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