Do You Have The Right Documents In Your Car?

Documents To Have In Your Vehicle


If you own a car and are of course driving it, there are a few things that are good to keep in your car. You may be wondering what exactly I mean. I am referring to documents that you should always keep in your car or at least have on you. I am going to list 3 most important, you may feel that you personally would like to have more than the 3 I list and the more the better!

  1. Your vehicle Registration- This is going to be paperwork proving that you own the vehicle. Your car should ALWAYS be registered before hitting the roads. You would receive this paperwork when you took your car and got it registered at the DMV or sometimes even where you bought the vehicle will do that for you. This is a great document and idea to always keep inside of your glovebox or somewhere safe in your car.
  2. Proof of Insurance- This is going to be your car insurance id cards and your paperwork you receive when you purchase insurance. Just in the case of getting pulled over its one of the couple things the officer will ask you to provide. Now in some places you can have this pulled up electronically. You can in some cases get a warning or fine for not having that on you. So, if you can it is good to have a copy of them inside of your car to have that proof that you are driving with auto insurance.
  3. Your Driver’s License- This one I will not say you should have inside your car, but if you are in your car driving you should ALWAYS have this one you! Once again, if you get pulled over this needs to be on you, because you will be asked to prove to the officer that you are legally allowed to drive.
  4. Your Car Title- This one as well, I will encourage you to NOT have in your car, but you should know where it is and be able to access it if need be.
image shows a glove department inside a vehicle

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