Free help and advice to Small Businesses

Why free? What’s the catch? Right?

Here is the situation.  

  • My wife and I are in our early and mid 40’s, We come from very humble/unprivileged backgrounds, That Said we have been blessed with significant success in Business. We enjoy extensive travel but don’t have very expensive tastes. Frankly We are set financially and are preparing to “retire” from our day to day job.  (Owning and operating an Insurance Brokerage.)
  • I don’t have the “retiring” sort of personality and am looking for something to do part time to keep me from driving my wife crazy.
  • I attribute a large part of my success in my business to my successful online marketing efforts.  ie public and b2b relations, SEO, & SEM.

The why.  If you are still trying to figure out my “angle”…  I am looking to build relationships with other business owners & managers so when the time comes for my retirement I will have made the connections and built the relationships necessary to work as a part time consultant.

Exceptions: You must meet the following criteria:

You must be a reputable business. Nothing shady or adult industry related.

Insurance or financial sector.

Car dealership


Auto repair

Home repair

Apartment complexes

Most Small business under 35 employees

In the efforts of full disclosure.

  • I am not a classically trained SEO/SEM expert.  Just a small business owner who has had success attracting customers online for several companies with
    marketing questions
    multiple online properties, in a very difficult niche competing against large corporations
     with huge ad budgets. (Farmers, Allstate, Geico, Progressive, State Farm)
  • I have made lots of my own mistakes, but I have learned the lessons that have come with them.
  • Sometimes my answer to your questions will be “I don’t know.” or “You should ask ….” etc.
  • Nothing I do is a “get rich” quick idea or will make rainbows appear instantly.
  • I have not begun to accept payment for any of my consulting efforts, but depending on the scope of your question(s) I may ask you for a kind word, referral, testimonial, or a mention on one of your online assets. (Website, social, etc.) Please feel free to share this page with anyone you believe might find it useful.
  • Please understand that I do not have the ability to be a full-time consultant for you or your company.  This offer is designed to be an outlet or resource for your occasional question or problem that you are having trouble with.  
  • Questions should not be essay length. Please provide detailed information but not unnecessarily wordy. Expect the responses to be the same.