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2022 Motorcycle Insurance Alaska

Motorcycle Insurance Alaska

Lookin for adventure? Head out of the highway!

Motorcycle Insurance Alaska Rating Factors

There are several insurance ratings factors that go into developing a motorcycle insurance Alaska rate. Some of the highest factors are age, violations, and safety features. If you have a LoJack device installed on your motorcycle, you may be eligible for a discount. Of course the older you are, the lower your motorcycle insurance Alaska rates will be. See the data below for more factors in Wasilla, Alaska.

FactorRate Impact
lien holderNone
Major Violations (DUI,DWI,etc)High
How long have you owned the vehicleLow
Motorcycle safety featuresMedium
Insurance HistoryMedium
Marital StatusMedium

Motorcycle Insurance Alaska

Amazing Sights

  • Motorcycle Insurance Alaska is a must have if you are a motorcycle rider in AK! It has so many amazing routes, that motorists love to do. Below we will go over the top 10!
  • Prudhoe Bay- Its 414 miles long! This is all dirt road surface but is a must! Most riders will not complete this in one day. A lot of them have broken it up due to stamina and road conditions.
  • Denaili Highway- This too is over 120 miles of dirt roads! This is a route you should attempt alone, bring a friend, and get ready for an adventure!
  • Manley Hot Springs- This was originally stops for gold seekers. It is a place for refuge, camping, bar, and food. It is called Hot Springs, because of course you must stop at the springs!
  • Central- This is a rugged and remote route. Plan to do a couple days of riding. You can check out the old gold mining. You also should be prepared to run into some wildlife.
  • McCarthy- This is a 60-mile dirt-based road. It used to service the old railroad in late 30s. And this route, only motorcycles can ride it!
  • Hope- This one you will get to experience watching the bald eagles, salmon in the river and riding right through the mountains!

For A Longer Trip

  • A must stop is the Seaview Café. It is a great day ride but is also good for an overnight stay.
  • Petersville Road- Here you will be facing the views of Mt. McKinley. It starts above the tree lines and will head down west towards Cache Creek. This you can enjoy a couple days exploring.
  • Top of the World Highway- You can ride from Tok to Dawson and it will be dirt and paved roads. So many views and lots of history to see! This one is worth to spread out for a couple days.
  • Crown Point- This one is not an awfully long ride. You can ride through Moose Pass. You can also ride up thousands of feet to reach an old gold mine and that will overlook Kenai Lake and the Harding Ice Field!
  • Nabesna Road- This is a 40-mile ride that will take you into St. Elias National Park. Inside the park is 9 of the 16 tallest peaks on the continent!
  • After your ride, put on your hiking boots and go to the gold mines, towards the end of the ride, it gets very scenic.
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