Canon City CO Car Insurance

Your Credit and how it affects your insurance premiums

Your credit can affect a lot of aspects of your life financially. Your Auto Insurance rates are no different in this case. A bad credit score can imply that you are a high risk to Auto Insurance companies. Investing in ways to boost your credit can help lower your insurance premiums tremendously. Check out the website credit karma to see where your credit stands. See the table below to see how rates differ for poor credit versus excellent credit.

Credit Impact on Insurance rates in Canon City
Average Premium by Score
Excellent $117.66
Good $132.58
Average $159.64
Poor $225.78


How age and gender affect your insurance

How much do you pay for Auto Insurance in Canon City, Colorado? Men and women are different for many reasons, whether it be biological or cultural differences. Age can also be a large factor in determining your Auto Insurance rates. Males pay on average 38% more for Auto Insurance in theirs 20s compared to their 40s. Females Pay on average 29% more for Auto Insurance in their 20s compared to their 40s. For more information and statistics check out

Age Male Female
16-18 $ 231.84 $ 184.09
19-24 $ 193.20 $ 161.00
25-30 $ 139.84 $ 124.84
31-40 $ 110.40 $ 106.08
41-50 $ 109.48 $ 98.44
50-65 $ 99.36 $ 101.48
65+ $ 106.08 $ 114.08


Insurance Company Ratings AM Best, and JD Power

Do Insurance Ratings matter in Canon City, Colorado? The answer is, absolutely! When shopping for affordable Auto Insurance rates, the price isn’t the only factor that matters. Finding a company that offers excellent coverage options should be a priority. Always check to see what companies have the best discounts available, and which discounts you are eligible for. It is also important to find a company with a good review rating to be sure you are getting the best quality service, and a friendly agent. Check out the data below to see how these companies rate.

State Farm 878 A++
Amica Mutual 898 A+
Safeco (Liberty Mutual) 855 A
Allstate Auto Insurance 853 A+
MetLife 867 A+
Liberty Mutual Insurance 857 A
Automobile Club Group 857 A++
The Hartford (AARP insurance) 873 A+
Erie Insurance 879 A+
GEICO Auto Insurance 879 A++
Mercury 837 A

We save our client in Canon City an average of $589

How much can you save by switching to A Plus Insurance in Canon City, Colorado? The table below shows the amount you can save when switching to us for your Insurance needs. It also shows some of extra things you can buy with those savings! How do we save you money? We offer several discounts to everyone to keep your insurance rates low! We also show multiple different companies to offer you the best rates possible.

New Customers in Canon City, Colorado Save on Average $589.55

Number of Candy bars you could buy 435
Months of Netflix you could afford with your savings
Number of Peanuts you could buy 107568



Liability Requirements for Canon City, Colorado

Colorado has a 13% rate of uninsured drivers, and they require every driver to have at least the minimum liability coverage. $1,474 is the national average for auto insurance coverage. $1,558 is Colorado’s average that the residents pay each year for their auto insurance. So, yes that means as great as Colorado is, if you live there you are paying a percentage difference of 5.70%. See the data below to see the liability coverages and average cost.

State Minimum Coverage Requirements Average Cost for Minimum Liability Coverage
Colorado 25/50/15 $510




Liability and Full coverage in Canon City

Full Coverage includes liability, comprehensive and collision for your vehicle. That’s going to be really good to have if you have a loan out on your vehicle. The lender will most likely require you to have that coverage. Another option is Liability. That is going to help cover costs of the other driver that may have gotten injured or their car was damaged, if you had an at fault accident.

Average Annual Insurance Rates in Canon City
Liability Insurance rates in Canon City Liability State Average
$497.91 $510.15
Full Coverage Insurance in Canon City Full Coverage CO average
$912.16 $934.59


Nearby cities and neighborhoods

Does Zip Codes Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates?
The answer is YES, your zip code does have a major impact on your auto insurance. For Instance, motorists that live in a more highly populated area, the driving rates would be higher because they are more prone to accidents and make claims. Ones that also have zip codes in areas with bad weather could have a higher rate as well. So, when looking at these different cities near Canon City those are some factors to look into.

Neighborhoods in Canon City, Colorado Cities Near Canon City Zip Codes in Canon City
Prospect Heights Olathe, CO 81401
City Center Ridgway, CO 81220
Route 50 / E Miami Rd 81403
Oak Grove



Top 10 Vehicles We Insure in Canon City

Did you know that the TYPE of vehicle you drive can affect your auto insurance rates? For instance, a high performance or sports car may be pricier than a family van or SUV. Just look at it as if the vehicle would be expensive to replace, then it is going to be expensive to insure. Here are some of the top vehicles we insure! Ford, Toyota, Honda, Acura, Audi, Lexus, and Volvo. See the chart below to see some more popular models.

1 Ford F-Models
2 Dodge
3 Toyota
4 Honda
5 Ford
6 Acura
7 Audi
8 Lexus
9 Volvo
10 Hyundai
11 Buick
12 GMC


Violations have a good bit of an impact on your auto insurance rates. One of the major violations is a DUI, and that can affect your rates for 10 years! Another major ones are an at fault accident and driving without a license, those can affect you for 3-5 years. And then you will have the minor violations, which you can see some on the chart below can be anywhere from using a cell phone while driving to a speeding ticket. Minor violations will last about 3 years.

Violation Name Major, Minor, or Non Moving How Long it Will Affect Your Insurance Rates
Parking Non Moving NA*
Speeding Minor 3 Years
Failure to maintain Clear Distance (tailgating Minor 3 Years
Failure to Use a Seat Belt Non Moving NA*
Improper Lane use Minor 3 Years
Expired Tags Non Moving NA*
Driving without a License Major 3 Years
No Proof of insurance Non Moving NA*
Using a Cell Phone with Driving Minor 3 Years
Running a Traffic Light or Stop Sign Minor 3 Years
At Fault Accident Major 5 Years
DUI Major 10 Years


Discounts available in Canon City, Colorado

Everyone loves discounts! And yes, you can get discounts on your auto insurance. Some really popular ones are if you sign up for paperless bill pay and set up auto pay, military, multi policy discount, having no accidents or tickets, an education discount, an advanced quote and prior insurance, a multi vehicle on your policy and your marriage status. Ask your agent today what discounts you are eligible for in Canon City, CO!

Impact on rates Discounts Available
Mild Paperless Discount
High Auto Pay
Mild Military
Mild Multi Policy
High No Accidents or Violations
Mild Education Discount
High Advanced Quote
Mild Multi Vehicle
Mild Married




Insurance Discounts from Each Company

YES, Auto Insurance companies do in fact give out discounts! The chart below shows two different insurance carriers that we use and the discounts they offer. Progressive has quite a few excellent discounts available. Those are- higher education, former or active military, marriage status, multi vehicle, multi policy, no accidents, violations, and then auto pay. Dairyland is the other carrier and they have similar ones that are listed with Progressive. Check out this chart or call your insurance carrier to see what they offer!


Education Discount Paid in Full
Military No Accidents or Violations
Married Auto Pay
Continuous Insurance Multi Vehicle
Multi Policy Continuous Insurance
Paperless Discount Married
Homeowners Military
Advanced Quote Homeowners
Multi Vehicle Multi Policy
No Accidents or Violations
Paid in Full
Auto Pay





Sample Insurance Rates for Canon City

How much should you pay for Auto Insurance? Auto quotes vary for each individual.  It is essential to compare the cost of car insurance with multiple insurance companies to save the most amount of money. We can compare auto insurance rates by age and gender, location, company, type of vehicle, driving history, credit score, marital status, and any DUI record. Check out the data below to see some examples of rates for different individuals.

Sample Rates in Canon City, Colorado
Sample Quote/ policy location: Canon City
Agent :Katie Current Company: Mendota
Previous Company: acceptance
Who: Driver Age: 58 Vehicle: Nissan Altima
Type of coverage: truck insurance full coverage
Notes: accidents, vehicle
Rate: $291
Sample Quote/ policy location: Canon City
Agent :Sy Current Company: ASI
Previous Company: American Strategic
Who: Driver Age: 18 Vehicle: Nissan 370Z
Type of coverage: truck insurance liability
Notes: Ticket, policies
Rate: $338
Sample Quote/ policy location: Canon City
Agent :Sy Current Company: ASI
Previous Company: Progressive
Who: motorist Age: 18 Vehicle: Ford Freestyle
Type of coverage: non owners full coverage
Notes: Speeding , DUI
Rate: $247
Sample Quote/ policy location: Canon City
Agent :Amy Current Company: Liberty Mutual
Previous Company: acceptance
Who: Female Age: 50 Vehicle: Mazda B-Series Regular Cab
Type of coverage: car insurance liability
Notes: Speeding , estimate
Rate: $315
Sample Quote/ policy location: Canon City
Agent :Lauren Current Company: Mendota
Previous Company: Sentry
Who: Business owner Age: 59 Vehicle: Chrysler Concorde
Type of coverage: vehicle insurance full coverage
Notes: online, multiple lines
Rate: $290
Sample Quote/ policy location: Canon City
Agent :Crystal Current Company: Progressive
Previous Company: Allstate
Who: landlord Age: 35 Vehicle: Infiniti QX
Type of coverage: auto insurance liability
Notes: proof of insurance, Insurance Card
Rate: $196




Canon City, Colorado Weather and Driving conditions

No matter if it’s snow or rain or any inclement weather, there are tips that are good to know about driving in it. Here are some helpful ones…
Always plan ahead- leave extra time to reach your destination to ensure more careful and stress-free driving. Have a plan if you need to take alternate routes.
Drive Slowly- of course carefully driving is super important! Driving in bad weather you should drive much slower than you usually would, and that will prevent the chances of skidding and causing an accident.
Don’t Drive Too Closely- Leave more room between you and the person in front of you. In bad weather your brake time is much slower so you need to leave more room for that.
Your Headlights- When in the fog you should use your LOW beam lights and not your high beams. That is going to help you and the other drivers on the road easier to see.

Canon City, Colorado
Summer High:
 the July high is around 90 degrees
Winter Low: the January low is 18.6
Rain: averages 14.6 inches of rain a year
Snow: averages 33 inches of snow a year


Insurance Rating factors

You may wonder what factors affect your Auto Insurance Rates. There are many different factors to consider. First of all where you live, specifically your zip code can affect your auto insurance rates. Your age is a large factor in determining your rate as well. The older you are the better rates you will get. Your driving history as far as violations, tickets, accidents and claims history determine how much of a risk you are to insure. See the table below for more examples of how your insurance rates are determined.

What Rating Factors Affect Your Insurance Rates?
Factor Rate Impact
anti theft device Low
Color of car none
Anual Mileage Low
Claims History Medium
Credit history High
vehicle safety features Medium
Vehicle Make and Model Medium
How many drivers per vehicles listed medium
Driving record High
Age High


Faq's Canon City Colorado Insurance

How much does an SR22 Cost?

Some companies do not charge anything for the sr22. Some companies charge $25. Some Companies charge a percentage of the insurance policy. Click here and we can help you determine which company will do the best for you. (no pressure approach)

What is an SR22 /SR-22 “Insurance”?

An Sr22 is not insurance… An SR22 is an attachment that can be placed on a policy that requires the insurance company to report to the state monthly… effectively they are making sure you have and keep your insurance in place