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Are you In Need of SEO for small business help? We are your small business owners gurus!

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Free Seo Help For Small Business
We want to share our SEO for small business success secrets

We Will Get You In the Snack Pack!

Learn More about SEO, what this means and how it will help your business.

How To Rank In Local Seo

It’s More than Just Help With Local SEO

Learn More about free marketing services that we want to help your business with.

Free Seo Help


Learn why we as a company want to help your business do well…and why it’s free.

Free Seo Help For Small Businesses
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We have over 20+ years in business and more specifically in the insurance business. We have learned so much about SEO and want to help your business understand it too…and for free.

A Plus Insurance has grown from a company that started in a basement to what is now a highly profitable and high ranking insurance agency on google.

1. Business Help: Getting Your Site Into the “Snack Pack”

What Does this Mean?

Getting your site recognized is all about SEO…or search engine optimization.

If you optimize well…people find you.

This means when someone types in keywords such as:

Auto Insurance, Home Insurance

in X area (X =areas or cities that we serve) we are coming up in the first fold or what we like to call the “snack pack” of Google Search results.

This further means that we are getting in front of the people who are searching for our services. We can help your business do this too.

How You Can Rank Local Seo
How To Rank In Local Seo
We can help you do it too!

We have spent years learning the “algorithm” of the Google search engine, and we’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way.

While this isn’t an overnight process, once you have the correct structure in place…but after our help, your business will be ranking sooner than you think.

1 On Google Maps
#1 On Google Maps!

2. We Can Help You With More Than Local SEO

We’re Ranking Higher Than Huge Corporate Companies In Some Cases!

Wow Right! It’s not too good to be true, it just takes time, effort and knowledge on how Google wants your site, pages and data to be configured in order to rank and be relevant to the person who is searching for what your business offers.

We think we’ve done a pretty good job, see for yourself in the image below!

We have also built and maintained our own website and curated content and pages that we have perfected to rank on Google.

This means we have experience with:

  • copy
  • image placements
  • meta tags/data
  • all the good stuff Google looks at while crawling your site

This means we can help your business build and maintain a WordPress website. We can also help with any current WordPress site issues that you may be having. Such as plug-ins, load times, broken links and more.

On and Off Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a vital part of getting your website listed on Google. We will help your business make sure that your structure will set you up for that success.

Ranked 2
Ranked #2!

There are many factors involved when getting your pages rank on Google and other search engines. Our years of experiences have given us the know how and advantage to offer this help to you and get you on track to getting those rankings. This means new and more customers in your door and online.

3. Ok This Sounds Good, What’s The Catch?

Short Answer: Absolutely Nothing

It all starts with our name…Learn And Serve.

With our success in the industry, we have learned that giving value, educating and providing something without expecting anything in return is what matters.

As the owner of A Plus Insurance, I am knocking on the door of retirement…my company is self sustaining at this current time period in 2021.

With that being said, I don’t have a retirement mentality. I believe we are all called to serve in some form or fashion. Now I choose to use my time helping educate and providing value to fellow business owners that need the help.

We will not ask for any payment beyond the initial scope of work that we may provide (* initial consultation and 30 to 45 coaching session).

We provide value and the reward for us is seeing personal and business growth.

Let’s Get Started!

So we can understand how we may serve you, simply fill out some details below and we will get the ball rolling on reaching out for your consultation.

Know Someone Who Could Benefit From Our Help?

Please Tell Them About Us!

We Look Forward To The Opportunity of Serving You!

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