Broadform and Non-Owners- What Are The Differences?

Non-owner And Broadform Policy

My name is Justine and I am a new insurance CSR! I am learning a lot of
new things about insurance. I did just recently learn of a topic that I feel
is important and a lot may not know the difference between or know
that its an option in some states. The topic is The difference in Non-onwer and Broadform policies.

Non-Owner Policy

This is when you do not own a vehicle, but you need liability insurance
or you need SR22, or you need both on the vehicle.

Broadform Policy

The main difference is with this you do or do not own a
vehicle and the same, you need liability and or SR22 on the vehicle.
Every state has different policies, so it will vary state to state.

I am learning things daily, so I look forward to writing more and sharing
what I learn!

image shows multiple types of cars and trucks on a busy highway

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