Broadform and Non-Owners- What Are The Differences?

My name is Justine and I am a new insurance CSR! I am learning a lot of
new things about insurance. I did just recently learn of a topic that I feel
is important and a lot may not know the difference between or know
that its an option in some states. The topic is Non-Owner Operator
policy and a Broad form policy.

Let’s start with a Non-Owner Policy, now this is when you do not own a vehicle, but you need liability insurance
or you need SR22, or you need both on the vehicle.

Now let’s turn to Broad form. The main difference is with this you do or do not own a
vehicle and the same, you need liability and or SR22 on the vehicle.
Every state has different policies, so it will vary state to state.

I am learning things daily, so I look forward to writing more and sharing
what I learn!

image shows multiple types of cars and trucks on a busy highway

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