small business owners

Can Your Small Business Survive without Insurance?

Most small business owners think that insurance is too expensive or that they can just go without it.  However, did ...
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car wash safety

Shine Your Ride Safely, Carwash Tips

Spring showers may produce beautiful, green grass and bright, blooming flowers, but they usually leave our vehicles covered and an ...
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Save Your Child’s Life, Buckle Them Properly

While summer means no school and backyard barbecues, those in the medical field also know it means an increase in ...
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home buying tips

Before Buying a House, Look at These 10 Things

Shopping for a new a house can be an exhilarating and stressful time, but a few helpful suggestions you can ...
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replacement vs actual

Understanding Insurance, Replacement Cost vs Actual Cost Value

As if understanding homeowners insurance wasn't hard enough, you also have to know the difference between actual cash value (ACV) ...
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home claims

Home Insurance Claim- When to talk to an Attorney

Situations may arise where you and your insurance carrier may find yourselves at a standstill over a home insurance claim ...
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new car replacement

New Car Replacement Guide

You saved, and you saved, searched high and low, and finally found the perfect new car. Then whammo, three weeks ...
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hiring personal injury attorney for claims

Auto Insurance Claims- When to talk to an Attorney

If you have been at home sick and been subjected to bad daytime television, you most certainly have been bombarded ...
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term life insurance policy for families

Term Life Insurance Buyers Guide

For some reason, life insurance often gets overlooked. For whatever and some very personal reasons people just don't feel as ...
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home repair guide

Home Repair Guide,What to Expect While Under Construction

If you have filed a homeowners insurance claim and wondering what to expect during the home repair process, this is ...
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