Auto Insurance Claims- When to talk to an Attorney

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If you have been at home sick and been subjected to bad daytime television, you most certainly have been bombarded with personal injury attorneys claiming they can get you the money you deserve from your auto accident.  As tempting as that may sound, it is not always necessary to A. call an attorney and B. have a case that would be worth calling an attorney. Of course, there are certain situations where having an attorney on your side during an auto insurance claim can be helpful. 
Read to find out if you should talk to an attorney about your auto claim.

Should You Hire A Lawyer for My Auto Insurance Claim?

There is no question that auto accidents are a headache to deal with, add in injuries, and a totaled car and they can be downright earth-shattering.  There are lots of questions about fault, lots of coverage questions and can be much back and forth with the insurance company.  While these are typical scenarios for most claims, there can be times when it may be too much and hire an attorney would benefit you.  
Here a few situations where finding a trustworthy attorney could help you along in the claim process.
Extensive damage and serious injuries. If you are at home or in the hospital recovering, dealing with insurance claims may add unnecessary stress.  Hiring attorney will allow them to deal with the insurance company on your behalf allowing you the time you need and deserve to heal.
Questions over who’s fault the accident was. If determining who caused the accident is something you are dealing with, an attorney can be hugely helpful.  Some lawyers specialize in auto accidents and understand how to identify fault. They work closely with the law enforcement officials who handled your accident,  pouring over all details and will speak with your insurance carrier and the other party’s insurance carrier. A lawyer has the knowledge and the experience necessary to help determine exactly who was at fault, and who is responsible for paying the damages.
You are not able to work. If the injuries you have sustained during the accident are so severe you cannot return to work; you may want to call an accident attorney. They will be able to help you navigate your situation and offer advice on the best course of action.  An attorney will be able to help you recover lost wages from the responsible party and speak on your behalf to your employer.
If you are unsure about your situation and if you should contact an attorney, please give us a call, and we will be happy to talk you through what might best for you.
We have gone over the situations that might require an attorney’s help, here are some benefits that may come along with their counsel.

  • Knowledge of the law and procedural rules
  • Filing a claim on your behalf and personal injury lawsuit if necessary
  • A lawyer will handle negotiating a fair insurance settlement
  • Attorneys have experience filing claims and lawsuits you do not have

When You Shouldn’t Hire an Attorney for Your Auto Claim

Hiring an attorney is a serious undertaking, you should be sure that your situation calls for it before proceeding. Here are some examples of when an attorney is not necessary.

  • You are mad at your claims adjuster. Look we all have bad days, and claims adjusters are people too. Don’t go judicial on them because you are upset about a difference of opinion.
  • You only sustained minor injuries. Here’s the thing, insurance is supposed to cover damages for actual injuries, not make you rich off of a neck injury. Don’t fall into the trap.
  • A personal injury attorney contacts you unsolicited. There is a reason some of these guys get a bad rap. If you did not reach out, don’t trust their motives.

At the end of the day auto accidents are frustrating to deal with especially if injuries and extensive property damage are involved. Most insurance companies do their best to work with you on your claim. While situations where companies are not responding or the damage is more than you can deal with, a consultation with an attorney may be helpful.  We want to make sure all of our insureds are taken care of properly so if you have questions or concerns about a claim situation, please feel free to contact us. We are here for you.  
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Last Updated on March 9, 2021 by Katie Sopko

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