12 Proven Tips To Improve Organic Click Through Rate

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12 Proven Tips To Improve Organic Click Through Rate

These 12 tips are extremely effective and have helped us improve our own website traffic. Keep reading if you want to learn how to get more eyes on your page!

1. Know What CTR is and WHY it is IMPORTANT!

A high CTR is a good indication that users find your ads and listings helpful and relevant. CTR also contributes to your keyword’s expected CTR, which is a component of Ad Rank.”


The struggle is real! You have a spectacular business, a beautiful web page…but no one is visiting your website! Chances are, you need to improve the organic click through rate (CTR) for your website.

CTR stands for click through rate. In a nutshell, it is the percentage of searchers that click on a search engine result, or the average clicks a page gets when displayed in search results. The higher the click rate that your site has, the more traffic you will get. Improving CTR is essential to get your site on the front page of Google. We don’t have access to Google’s magic formula for ranking success(no one but Google does)…but even they have made statements to suggest that they use CTR in their algorithm.

2. Go Organic

Image Of Organic Click Through Rate Search Result


Example Of Paid Ad Search Result

Organic refers to the way a website naturally appears in a search result. The results that appear AFTER the google ads. You know those pesky paid ads that you see when you type something in a google search? Do you ever click on them? Probably only by accident. Some businesses and website creators are tempted to pay for these ads to get their site to appear at the top of the search results. Sure, utilizing this method provides instant gratification…but it is EXPENSIVE and provides little to zero long term benefits. It also takes away from your company or brand’s credibility. If your site appears in a page one search result ORGANICALLY, it suggests that you and your business are leaders or experts in your niche…inviting more people to click on your page.

3. Be All About the Brackets

Example: Ways to Lower your Auto Insurance [step by step guide]

Start using brackets in your title tags. Studies show that by using brackets in your title tag, it can increase your clicks by some 40%. Brackets are like content sneak previews. It helps bring attention to your results and people are much more likely to click on it because they know more information about what they are going to see when they click on what they searched for.

4. Tips To Improve Organic Click Through Rate- Don’t Be Afraid of Numbers

Image 4
2022 12 Proven Tips To Improve Organic Click Through Rate
Image 5
2022 12 Proven Tips To Improve Organic Click Through Rate

Use numbers in your titles.

Numbers increase clicks!

When a headline starts with a number or appears to be in a list format, the reader will not feel like they might be overwhelmed with too much information. Or…that the information will be organized and to the point. According to some sources, the number 7 generates higher CTR.

5. Entice With Short URLs




Research has shown that not only does Google prefer shorter URLs, but so do users.

The first is shorter and specifies the topic of the page more clearly and is more likely to draw someone in.

6. Optimize Your Description

Tips To Improve Organic Click Through Rate
2022 12 Proven Tips To Improve Organic Click Through Rate

You may have seen the terms: meta description, meta description attributes, or meta description tag. These are the words you see under the title that describes and summarizes the contents of your page. It’s another chance to captivate your audience!

Have your Meta description pull people in when they read it so that they want to click on your site.

Grab their attention by using emotional and power words like fantastic or fabulous etc.

While these descriptions can be any length, it is recommended to them to 150-170 characters, so try not to go over that limit. However use the entirety of the recommended characters so you can make an effective and emotionally grabbing description.

Sell Your Content- It is a competitive game out there on google, especially on page 1. So don’t be afraid to really get out there and convince searchers WHY they should choose our page over the others.

Example: “How we saved our new customers over $300 a month on their car insurance”

7. Stay Current

Put the current year in your title and description.

Gain your audience’s trust and establish credibility by showing that your site and content is up to date and still relevant.

8. Don’t Make Your Audience Hate You

Imagine you are on an elevator, and you are trying to get back to the lobby. You see the letter L button and press it. You feel the elevator moving for a few seconds, and then the door opens slowly…and then….it opens up to the roof. You will feel bamboozled and upset…and you will be enraged at whoever messed up that button.

This is what CLICKBAIT does to your audience. Avoid it!

We want to make sure our title is attractive and enticing, but let’s not trick people. Users will quickly click off the page when they realize they were click baited…and this increases the bounce rate and decreases dwell time- (more on that soon). Having high bounce rate and poor dwell time will ruin the rankings.

Moral of the story: Clickbait backfires and ultimately hurts your page.

9. Be Emotional

MEH TITLE: 5 Ways to Lower Your Insurance Rates


BETTER TITLE: 5 Great Strategies to Lower Your Insurance Rates

Be descriptive…make someone feel that they must click on your page! Create titles that are intriguing. Avoid “normal” and “boring” by utilizing adjectives that evoke emotions and create a call to action. Entice them with the title.

10. Utilize Rich Snippets and Structured Data


Image 10
Regular Snippet Includes: URL, Title, Meta Description

Rich Snippet

Image 9
Rich snippet Includes: URL,title, meta description, rating stars, reviews, additional data-how long recipe takes to prepare, nutritional info

Data has shown that enhancing your site with Rich snippets and structured markup increases organic CTR up to 30%.  

What are rich snippets(also known as Rich Results)? These are results that have extra features such as: images, rating stars, review scores, product prices, etc.-any additional information that enhances the search result and makes it more appealing to click on.

In order to make this happen, you must have a basic understanding of structured data and markup.  This is how you include the data in your site to provide more information about the page on your snippet.  For example with a recipe page, you provide the structured data by means of HTML code, and it then clues in Google to provide that extra info such as what the ingredients are, the cooking time, nutritional info, etc.

11. Track and Measure

How else will you know what’s working and what’s not working? Utilize the tools out there to improve your CTR and fix the things that aren’t doing so well. Seeing the data out there helps you measure the effectiveness of different elements such as meta-data, and how well keywords are performing.

Don’t sleep on Google Analytics! It’s free to use and it allows you to track link clicks on your site and how often links are being clicked. Google Analytics breaks down different categories and provides detailed information within each one.

There are multiple tools that help people dive even deeper into the world of statistical analysis.  If you are curious what’s out there,  https://conversionsciences.com/ab-testing-tools/ proved to be a great resource for some suggestions on what products are effective with testing and data collection.

12. Utilize Images

Improve Ctr| A Plus Insurance


Ctr Optimization
If you typed “best home office setup” in Google…which are you more inclined to click on?

Use images and photos.

The brain responds to visual information much faster than written words. Images are another form of persuasion.  

People who are searching something want to find their answer or result fast. Not everyone wants to scroll through the search engines looking for what they need.  If they see an image pop up right in the top portion of the search engine results page, they are much more likely to click on the relevant image. An images helps people to feel more comfortable and compelled to click on your page.

And when uploading in wordpress, don’t ignore this part!

Ctr Optimization

Pay attention to that portion on the right, where it asks you to include:

  • image alt text -provides way for google to identify image and how it is relevant to your site’s content.
  • image title-Provide additional information about image
  • image caption-describe the illustration in printed text and it’s your chance to credit the source or owner.

Ways to improve organic click through rate are constantly evolving and changing. The best way to continue to improve is to keep up to date with the information out there and just try everything you can. Don’t be afraid of trial and error!

Last Updated on December 31, 2021 by Veronica Moss

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