Texas Boat and RV Progressive

Attn agents… Progressive is adjusting Boat and RV rates in Texas.   While overall rates are increasing, individual rate changes will vary depending on a number of factors. Be sure you quote us every time to get the right rate for every risk.

Help customers reduce their overall costs…

  • Make sure customers know which discounts they qualify for and how to qualify for more. A safe driver can qualify for a Responsible Driver discount of 20% for a Boat and up to 31% for an RV.
  • Cross sell customers when possible. Multi-policy boat and RV customers save 5%. And having multiple vehicles on a policy can mean savings of 10% for boaters.
  • Homeowners save up to 10% on RVs and 15% on boats. If customers pay their premium in full, they can save up to an additional 7% on RVs and 5% on boats.

For a complete list of discounts, contact your agent.

Other benefits such as disappearing deductibles, no depreciation, and Total Loss Coverage or Total Loss Replacement options. See product guides for details on these benefits and more.

Thank you for  Choosing Progressive.

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