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can be done through an insurance brokerage who has access to multiple different insurance companies. In South Carolina, valid insurance and driver’s license are requirements  to drive legally on the roads.  If you have had your driver’s license suspended or revoked due to particular circumstance, you may require an SR22 filing before you can get your driver’s license active.  SR22 insurance is a simply a state filing that is added to an insurance policy.  This filing lets the state of SC know that a person meets the insurance requirements to drive on the roads.    The car insurance policies can either be for just basic liability, or they can be for full coverage.  The SR22 insurance filing is an attachment to the car insurance policy.  Now some companies may charge a simple filling fee for the SR22, where some companies will charge a surcharge point system.  The best thing to do is to shop the car insurance SC companies till you find the insurance policy that meets your needs and price.  Some people ask us how long they need to carry their SR22 filing for.  Unfortunately, the length of time is determined by the department of motor vehicles and the courts.  We have seen filing needed for as short as 3 month, but we have also seen SR22 filings needed for as long as 7 years.  The typical certificate filing we have seen is 3 years.  It is always a good idea to check with your local DMV to make sure in regards to your specific case.  We deal with insurance SC policies every day.  We are more than happy to get you quote based on your car insurance SC needs.  Give A Plus insurance a call or visit us online today.
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sr22 Auto Coverage in SC

The Essentials on SR22

Some people who need Car insurance in South Carolina require something beyond the ordinary policy. SR22 Insurance SC is a unique type of policy that requires the driver to take on additional responsibilities. This kind of vehicle insurance is typically something that is needed only when a court order is issued. In most cases, the judge orders a driver to buy an SR22 Insurance policy when that driver has received a conviction for some type of unsafe driving.

The Violations That Require SR22 Coverage

There are several different violations that may result in a court order for an SR22 Insurance SC policy. These include: Driving While Intoxicated (DWI,) Driving Under the Influence (DUI,) driving with no insurance policy, or having an excessive number of traffic violations in a short period of time.

Where to Buy an SR22 Policy

In many cases, SR22 in South Carolina can be bought through some type of major insurance agency. Some insurance companies do not offer this kind of coverage, as it is deemed “high risk” insurance. However, many local insurance agents can recommend an agent that may work with high risk clients. Many Internet based insurance companies are now offering certificates as well.

The Cost of SR22 Coverage

SR22 coverage is more costly than an ordinary insurance policy. Most policies will require a larger deposit and may have considerably higher monthly premiums. However, for the person who needs coverage to stay on the road, this additional price is more than worth it.  We can find the lowest cost available.

How SR22 Premiums May Differ

SR22 Insurance in South Carolina can vary widely from one person to the next in terms of premiums. Some factors that may play into the ultimate price of the policy typically include:

1. The overall driving record of the driver, both before and after the conviction: If the conviction was a one-time thing, the rates will be lower. If the conviction is the latest in a long string of moving violations, the cost will be higher.

2. The credit score of the driver: Higher credit scores will often yield much lower rates, both with ordinary car insurance and with SR22.

3. The amount of miles driven per month or year: The less miles, the lower the cost will normally be.

4. The location: Some areas of the U.S. have higher crime rates, and these areas usually have higher insurance rates as well.

5. The type of vehicle: Vehicles with additional safety features are less costly to insure, and older vehicles are generally less costly to insure.

6. Age: People over age 25 receive cheaper rates than younger people in many cases, something that is true with nearly all types of insurance policies.

7. Gender: Women are statistically deemed to be safer drivers, and thus often receive cheaper SR22 rates.

8. Marital status: People who are married normally receive an extra discount on their vehicle insurance, as they are deemed to be more careful drivers.

All of these factors can combine to significantly alter the price. Drivers should ask their agents for any potential discounts that they may not be aware of since this insurance can be costly.

How long do I have to keep the SR22 Insurance Policies

SR22 Insurance SC, like most Auto Insurance, has a set policy term. The term is normally either six months or one year for average vehicle policies. SR22 works differently because the court typically requires the certificate to be maintained for several years. DUI convictions, for example, would generally require a five year policy in South Carolina. There can be no lapse in coverage during the entire policy. If a payment is missed or is seriously late, the policy will become null and void. The insurance company is required by law to report any lapses in SR22 coverage to the state of South Carolina. This report, known as an SR-26, is filed with the state and the policy holder will then lose their ability to drive.

The Type of Coverage Required by Law

SR22 insurance policies must contain the following types of coverage according to the law in South Carolina.

1. $25,000 in Bodily Injury/Death for one person, per accident

2. $50,000 in Bodily Injury/Death for multiple injured people, per accident

3. $25,000 in Property Damage coverage per accident, which can be applied to multiple people

The amounts listed above are only minimums in liability coverage. It is up to the individual driver whether they wish to purchase additional coverage. In many cases, additional liability is wise. If an accident is caused by the SR22-insured driver and the minimum coverage is not sufficient to pay the damages, the insured person may be subject to a lawsuit from the person who was injured.

Proof of SR22 Coverage

South Carolina also requires all drivers to keep proof of insurance with them at all times when behind the wheel. The certificate of insurance will be provided by the company, and it will be valid until explicitly stated otherwise. Drivers with this type of policy are strongly encouraged to keep a copy of the coverage in their glove compartment at all times.

Transitioning to Other Insurance

After the mandatory period of SR22 coverage is over, most people are able to transition into an ordinary insurance policy seamlessly. Often, it is possible to stay with the same insurance agency. Drivers are urged to speak with their insurance agent just before the SR22 period is completed to make this transition as quick and simple as possible.

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