About Us

Hello my name is Shawn Christie.  My Wife (Amy) and I are the owners of A Plus Insurance.  We can be reached at 719 392 4000 or Sales@coautoquotes.com.

We started A Plus insurance in 1999 in Colorado Springs CO.

Our agency began as a “Life and Health” shop but after some encouragement from our existing clientele we began to seek out companies that could offer auto insurance coverage.  Progressive Insurance was the first company to issue us an auto contract (and we are still very grateful). We slowly added additional companies including Bristol West, Mendota, Viking, Dairy land, Travelers, and many more.  Several years later and again at the urging of our clientele we began to offer Home Owners, motorcycle, business insurance coverage.  Ironically now we sell very few “life or Health” policies at all and are almost exclusively a Property and Causality brokerage.

We have a few simple business axioms.

  1.  Keep it Simple.
  2. Always look for the Win / Win.
  3. Be honest and be sincere… Everything else will fall into place.


We have utilized technology available to help us provide top notch service.  Also recognizing that sometime you need a live human with a heart to help you through.  We have a very low pressure approach to sales and about 75% of those who call us for QUOTES can save by switching,  We recognize that there are some who are better off staying put and in those circumstances  we  will tell you Just that.

We are still active in the day to day operations of our business and on most days we can be found sitting next to one another talking with clients and doing our best to find the best insurance companies and prices we can.

  • We now insure thousands of clients homes, cars, boats, motorcycles, and businesses.   Now we multiple locations and offer coverage in 13 states.  (Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin.)


I could sit back and tell you about us but the best way to find out about us is to read what our clients say.  Below you will find links to several online review platforms containing reviews about us.

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We can be reached at 719 392 4000 or Sales@coautoquotes.com